Extensive Asset Footprint in the Liquids-Rich Areas of the Utica and Marcellus Shales Provides a Strong Platform for Growth.

Blue Racer Midstream’s gas gathering footprint is located in the core of both the Utica Shale and rich gas Marcellus Shale. Over 700 miles of large gathering infrastructure allows Blue Racer to competitively gather rich gas volumes from the wellhead to the Natrium and Berne processing complexes. Blue Racer’s facilities process and separate wellhead production into natural gas residue, ethane, propane, isobutane, normal butane, mixed butane, and natural gasoline. In addition, Blue Racer’s lean gas gathering pipelines connect producers to downstream pipelines and markets.

Strong Capital Footing and Financial Flexibility.

Blue Racer Midstream has historically been funded with asset and equity contributions, as well as borrowings under a revolving credit facility and in the debt capital markets. We believe that the availability under Blue Racer’s revolving credit facility, our ability to access debt capital markets, and potential equity contributions will provide us with the financial flexibility necessary to execute our business strategy through Blue Racer.

High Quality Customer Base.

Blue Racer Midstream's customers range in size from publicly traded integrated oil companies to privately held independent exploration and production companies. Blue Racer’s material customers include several of the most active producers in the Utica and Marcellus shale plays.

Experienced Management Team.

Blue Racer Midstream’s executive management team has extensive experience in acquiring, constructing, developing, operating, and integrating midstream assets and understands our customers’ needs. The executive management team has strong relationships with producers and end-users of natural gas and purity NGL products, which we believe will be beneficial in pursuing additional growth opportunities.