Our NGL business segment includes our NGL pipeline and fractionation business and related NGL marketing activities. Our fractionation facilities process mixed NGL streams into purity products including ethane, propane, normal butane, isobutane, and natural gasoline.

NGL products including ethane, propane, butanes and natural gasoline are used as raw materials by the petrochemical industry, as feedstocks by refiners in the production of motor gasoline and as fuel by industrial and residential end users. The petrochemical industry uses ethane as the primary feedstock in the production of ethylene, the most widely used chemical compound in the world. Propane is used as a petrochemical feedstock, for heating, and industrial fuel. Normal butane is used as a petrochemical feedstock in the production of ethylene and butadiene (a key ingredient of synthetic rubber), as a blendstock for motor gasoline and to derive isobutane. Isobutane is fractionated from mixed butane or produced from normal butane and is used to enhance the octane content of motor gasoline, in octane additives and in the production of propylene oxide. Natural gasoline is used as a blendstock for motor gasoline or as a petrochemical feedstock.

We partner with the nation's leading marketers to distribute our customers' NGLs to wholesale and retail markets. Truck, rail and barge, loading options support the transportation of natural gasoline, butanes, propane, and other products to valuable markets.