We strive to be good neighbors. Open communication and good relationships are fundamental, core principles at Blue Racer Midstream.

We often execute written agreements or easements with landowners to allow us to build and maintain pipeline rights-of-way or other facilities on private property. A right-of-way is a strip, portion or parcel of land that contains the pipeline or facility and clear access area on either side for inspection and maintenance as well as an unobstructed view for ongoing aerial surveillance. A pipeline right-of-way is generally 75 to 100 feet wide during construction. Permanent rights-of-way are usually 50 to 60 feet wide. An easement is a right to make use of another person’s property which does not interfere with the use of the persons’ property, with exception to the use granted by the easement.

If we are thinking about locating a pipeline or a related facility on or adjacent to your property we will contact you early in the process as we study the route and assess its environmental impact. We may ask you for an easement or an option to purchase some of your property to establish rights-of-way for construction and operation of a pipeline or other facilities like valves and receivers, compressor stations and subsurface storage fields.

As good neighbors, we are dedicated to working closely with you to minimize the impact of our operations on buildings, fences, crops, water supplies, soil, vegetation, air quality and noise levels. Blue Racer is committed to the protection of endangered species and wildlife, wetlands and archaeological and historic sites. We will also restore the land to as near as possible its original condition as soon as construction is complete and weather permits.